Thursday, April 16, 2015

Remembering our friend, Linda Storrings

Linda Storrings
It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing today of our friend and valued Consortium member, Linda Storrings.  Linda was a member of the Consortium for as long as I remember, having started as a delegate from the Candlelight Quilt Guild and then becoming Membership Chairperson, a position she held for many years.  (She may have held other offices of which I am not aware).   Linda approached her position with the same professionalism as her everyday work profession.   When she began this job, everything was done by paper, not by computer as we do now.  She worked tirelessly to keep all the information on guilds, delegates and the consortium in general, up to date and current.  If there was a question about the early days of Consortium, we knew that Linda would know the answer. 
As she became ill and attended fewer and fewer meetings, we kept up with her activities through her friends, family and Facebook. She continued to travel and keep up with activities important to her cause and with her family - as recently at 10 days ago.  She never complained of the hand that was dealt to her, instead serving as an inspiration to all who knew her.   We will miss her and her enthusiasm for life.  

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