Saturday, June 6, 2015

Genesee Valley Quilt Club Show

The Genesee Valley quilt show is in full swing!  With over 600 quilts and over 65 vendors, there is plenty to see and do!   I will share some of my favorites over the next few days!

This quilt by Christine Wickert was deemed Best of Show!   It is done in all silk, hand appliqué and hand quilting.   It even has a silk backing!  I'm sorry I forget the name, I'll try to get it and add later,   The quilt itself measures 30 x 60.   She didn't start out to make it this size,,,,it made itself!

This is another of my favorites!   It is called "Dreamtime" by Antonio Herring and demonstrates her love of Australia.   It was a Judges Choice,    Not only is it very colorful....but...all of the dots you see are hand appliqués circles....perfectly round,    It is mind boggling that someone could do that.  

Closeup of detailed circles,

This quilt by Janet Atkins is called "Murderskill Crossing". It won several awards.....very colorful.

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